About Avian

Hello. Welcome to Avian Products happy you’re here.

We’re Steve and Steve, the father-son creators of Avian Products. We’ve been working in the furniture business for pretty much our whole lives. We used to take the wholesale company, but we’re purchasing exceptional furniture from all over the world, sourcing, and designing and selling it to you personally.

The large chains used to be our customers. They ’re our opponents. And we’ve learned several things over recent years about them. For instance, the large chains don’t charge high prices because they need a lot of money. Or at least that’s not the only motive.

Commencing operations in 2004 in Bethesda, MD Avian Products, Inc. is a national provider specializing in the production of promotional upholstered furniture. Avian Products, Inc. is a true low cost company with emphasis on quality at a really fair price realized through efficiencies which interprets to worth. Finished goods inventory is kept with orders sent immediately from stock on all items.

Quality, Cost, Value, Exceptional Service & Timely Delivery!